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(Lucrezia Panciatichi, Bronzino)

I can´t understand those readers who criticize a novel after having read it with great pleasure. It doesn’t make any sense to me, for example, trying to get involved in a story such as The Da Vinci code (Dan Brown´s hit) without searching for the classical Leonardo da Vinci´s painting “The Last Supper”. Any curious reader would do.

These days my students at school and myself keep on reading a novel written by Ruth RendellThe House of Stairs. There are at least two external references inside this novel to another novel (The Wings of the Dove by Henry James) and a painting at Uffizi gallery in Florence (Italy) “Lucrezia Panciatichi”. The author of the portrait is Bronzino. It will be difficult to enjoy the plot for anyone not having previously surfed on the net for this painting.

Anyway, I am of the kind of guys who feel like the girl in the someecard below. Oh, yes


{ the title of this post might be as well “Linked into the words of a story” }

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