Notepad- 18


twitter: @eugenio_fouz


(José Tomás, Spanish torero)


February 16, 2014 Sunday

book: grammar, vocabulary and exercises / audios from the book and others / notebook

workbook exercises and texts / texts (reading) / exercises from the book, workbook or collage A4papers

 Parallel Papers: copies with functional language, exercises, notions / SMS short messages-usually Spanish messages to translate into English language / words (vocabulary quiz, oral questions, writing, completing missing letters on board)

 dialogues (useful language) / dictation (listening from an audio podcast, textbook or teacher´s ) / short paragraph of a written text for translation (use of dictionary)

 situations (create singular situations to get them solved out)  / pictures, GIFs and drawings on moodle, board or wherever with a motto or funny statement / essay writing (around 20 words of the students´ opinion about current topics such as using mobiles everywhere, smoking or not smoking in public places, shouting, bad language)

 moodle or Aula Virtual, companion for learning and share stuff / blogging / tweeting and communicating with students via twitter

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