Another kind of cheese

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On this occasion, the kind of cheese is Kathy Gude´s or Gouda, no offence intended. I have found out a textbook published by Oxford containing an appendix on certain grammar points. These lines following are my notes on grammar. We shouldn´t forget that there is not an unique grammar rule or an only kind of cheese; there are lots of cheese.  Every word you read from now on belongs to Kathy Gude´s handbook CAE Result, Oxford, first published in 2008 (Oxford University Press)


“When two or more past events happen consecutively, the past simple is used for both

The Titanic hit an iceberg and sank a few hours later

It is possible to use would instead of used to when talking about past personal habits, generally in the positive. It is rather literary style

When we were young we would go to the river and throw stones in the stream…

Present continuous

Used to express the future when definite plans or arrangements have been made

What are you doing next Saturday?

I´m taking my driving test

Verbs of motion, even if no fixed arrangements have been made

You had better hurry up and get ready ready, because we´re leaving very soon

Going to

*When you have made a decision to do sth

Could you please let me know if you are going to accept the job?

*When you have made some basic plans

I´m going to buy an old barn and do it up

More definite plans – Present continuous

We´ve signed the contracts and we´re moving into the building on Monday

*Say what someone is just about to do

I won´t be a minute. I´m just going to say goodbye to my colleague

*For predictions when there is clear evidence that an event is about to take place

Based on the first page, I think I´m going to enjoy reading this book

Will and won´t (Neutral predictions)

*Ask and give information about the future

“The work won´t take long” the builder said

*Express the near future when there has been no conscious planning or premeditation

I´ll have an omelette and a green salad

*Predict what you think will happen in the future, based on what you believe or guess will happen

Soon, we will all pay our bills by mobile phone”


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