Those little monkeys´ mistakes ;-)

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Nacing is not nothing

Elevent is not eleven

People is is wrong, you must say people are

You cannot translate what you like but try to be accurate to the meaning of the message

You need a subject: it is ten past two, it is too difficult for us

Do not mix Spanish and English and end a sentence by writing salud instead of health

Do not ignore parts of the sentence leaving it unfinished

Thing is not the same as think

It is is not is it?

The question mark only takes place  at the end of the sentence, not in the beginning

The double negative sentence doesn´t exist in English

Don´t say nothing ???

Thuesday is not Tuesday or Thursday

Movile phone is not mobile phone

You cannot use … all the time . finish your sentences with and so on, etcetera

Inglish is wrong, it must be English

Whit is wrong, if you are dealing with the opposite to without

Asunt is not English, maybe you mean affair, issue, topic

Do not write exams in pencil, unless you are asked to do so

Good bye is not right, it must be goodbye or bye bye

Learn all verbs with their complete forms, that is, skeleton of verbs :

Infinitive “to write” past “wrote” past participle “written”


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