Mistakes Michael Makes

twitter: @eugenio_fouz


Michael gets very nervous whenever he takes an exam. Michael does not read questions slowly or twice. Michael forgets to number every exercise. This guy leaves sentences unfinished. Michael´s handwriting is not clear or nice.

Yes, Michael never highlights the circumstance of an incomplete activity by writing ON THE OTHER SHEET or SEE NEXT PAGE, for example. This student seems to be a stranger in a foreign country

Michael, man, you do not normally listen to the teacher´s instructions. Remember you did not pay attention to his stories or advice. You are one of those tippex freak users in exam sheets. You never tried to participate, understand or study for hours.

Michael, do you feel a rare feeling towards teachers? You do not know how to write the seven days of the week. Despite that, you look happy when you write Thuesday* instead of Thursday. You ignore the difference between cardinal and ordinal numbers. Oh, kid, you are unable to say 12th in your own language.

You still haven´t entered moodle in spite of the fact that your teacher keeps saying fantastic things about it.

Michael, Michael you write Wensday*, you write fiveteen*. Michael you forget the subject in sentences. You do not learn vocabulary by heart, you do not practise English language. You look like a dictionary hater, you blame teachers for everything. You arrive late and do not do the homework.

 *[Thursday / Wednesday / fifteen]

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