Essay writing (a reminder of ten points)

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When a student is asked to write an essay he should take some points into account:

  1. understand what you are being asked, I mean, understand the question and answer to that question. For example,  “ESSAY.- Write about the use of mobile phones in the street (20-30 words)” You must write about that topic and not about the mobile phone you would like to have
  1. writing an essay is a task which requires style. That means you shouldn´t be simple. Try to be honest and do not repeat the question you are being asked, e.g: “I think that the use of mobile phones in the street” is not a good idea for the beginning of your essay. This is called “begging the question” and is lack of style
  2. an essay doesn´t mean a list, but an expression of thought or the progress of some ideas. Do not write a list of words
  3. never write a very short essay. The normal thing is writing a minimum of words
  4. grammar is a must in writing.
  5. vocabulary is another positive point in writing. Without words we write nothing.
  6. avoid repeating all the time the same structures: in my opinion, I think, and … and, but…but
  7. write in clear handwriting. Your handwriting speaks about you
  8. say something interesting
  9. and remember, remember that to write acceptably well you must read a lot of books, papers, magazines or whatever using dictionaries. A writer is always reading stuff. Be a good reader!

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2 Responses to “Essay writing (a reminder of ten points)”

  1. Writing an Essay Says:

    A great and direct piece of information. Hats off to the author for gathering so specific and spot on information.
    the applause in the comments do the justice. Great piece of information.

  2. eugeniofouz Says:

    Thanks a lot, cool reader!

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