Mr Douglas Smith is absolutely right

Here I copy literally from the Sociology professor at the Kentucky University what might be read as his “Bill of rights”.
I love it, the tone, the meaning and everything. If you are a professor or a teacher, or even a serious student you will smile at browsing this. Enjoy the reading!


[dis·claim·er noun \-ˈklā-mər\

: a statement that is meant to prevent an incorrect understanding of something (such as a book, a movie, or an advertisement)]


Mr. Douglas Smith, Dept of Sociology. Western Kentucky University, USA



Classroom Norms:

I expect you to be in class.  Little interaction can occur between us if you are not.  To encourage class attendance I will distribute sign-in sheets on randomly selected days.  I will also pass out a sign-in sheet if one is requested by class members.  Attendance points will be levied based on your attendance on the days the sign in sheets are passed out.

NOTE:  I understand that sometimes things come up in life.  As an adult you have to decide what in your life deserves attention at any given time.  I do not need to be informed of why you miss class.  Excuses do not change the fact that you weren’t here and therefore missed out on whatever we were discussing that day.

Arriving late to class, talking, reading the newspaper are not acceptable classroom behavior and are disrespectful to your instructor and other students who want to listen and learn.  ALL cell phones should be turned off before entering class. Similarly, if you are likely to have a regular problem with getting to class on time, please let me know in advance.

Late assignments will not be accepted without penalty unless accompanied by a doctor’s excuse or another form of official documentation of an emergency.  Assignments will be submitted through Blackboard, so if you are absent, you can still submit your assignments.  They are still due on the day of class.  If you are anticipating: computer glitches, extremely tight pants, being the victim of street crime, bad planning, a Senate filibuster, embarrassing messages from “Mom” on your Facebook, animal attacks, hurtful comments by close friends, good lovin’ gone bad, terrorism, a disappointing credit report, seeing your new brother-in-law on Cops, Cheaters, or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, being struck by space junk or trapped under an impenetrable dome, unforseen cataclysmic acts of God, fear of intimacy, sequestration, rural rebound, inflammation due to chronic dry ere, urban malaise, a Christmas stocking full of coleslaw, funding cuts to higher education, a date ending in an interview by Chris Hansen, the paralysis of analysis, rude tweets, demonic possession, trouble with your Toyota accelerator, loss of hope in your audacity, a pants haunting lasting more than four hours, the debilitating shame of buying a Justin Bieber CD, the release of Diablo III, undergoing enhanced interrogation techniques, dating a Kardasian, PTSD from Miley Cyrus twerking it, losing your sociology mojo, vigilante justice, the total destruction of Galador, or anything else that might interfere with your assignment writing, get it in early!

The teacher reserves the right to alter these requirements based on class interest and needs (See my disclaimer at the end of the syllabus.).



Finally, my standard disclaimer:











The syllabus for any class is a road map. The readings in the course calendar are places we are scheduled to visit.  Anyone who has taken a preplanned road trip or vacation knows that the trip is not fun unless you stop at the interesting roadside attractions even though they might divert from your original route or time table.  It’s the process of getting there that is fun and relaxing and intriguing.  In that light, the above schedule and procedures for this course are subject to change by the Professor in the event of extenuating circumstances.


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