Barbara makes mistakes in basics

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 (the girl from the picture is not Barbara, just a cool schoolgirl to illustrate this post)

Some teachers sometimes like asking easy questions which have to do with basic parts of the vocabulary corpus or grammar. The reason for this kind of exercise is to reinforce a solid basis on the knowledge and use of English language.

Barbara usually makes the same mistakes.

Have a look at this:

Write cardinal numbers from 10 to 20

Ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen “fiveteen”* (instead of FIFTEEN) sixteen seventeen eighteennineteen twenty

Sometimes Barbara confuses cardinal numbers (one, two, three) with ordinal numbers (first, second, third, fourth, fifth)

Write all days of the week in order

Monday “Thuesday”* (instead of TUESDAY) “Wensday”* (instead of WEDNESDAY) “Thrusday”* (instead of THURSDAY) Friday Saturday and Sunday

Write months of the year

(Sometimes Barbara forgets one or two months, otherwise she pretends to have forgotten that month because she doesn´t know how to write the month correctly)

January February “Mars”* (instead of MARCH) April May “Jun”* (instead of JUNE) “Juillet”* (instead of JULY) August September October November December

The trouble sometimes is that Barbara mixes English language and French language.

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