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e. e. cummings

e. e. cummings

I am a writer and a reader. I like reading novels and poems, but also essays, tweets, articles or short stories.

One of my favourite poets is e. e. cummings. I have just read “No, thanks”. I confess it is hard to understand what the calligrammic poet means in his poems. He seems to enjoy verticality from words. Like a horseman Edward Estlin rides a verse and breaks the line onto the verse below to pick it up again afterwards or not.

I write today about cummings, among other reasons, because this one book, -“No, thanks”– shows on its backcover an original design. The message he got used to reading from publishers to his applications was exactly that: -No, thanks. There is a list of the publishing houses which refused to publish his writings. The artist outlined their names in the shape of a green cup, in the shape of a trophy.

e. e. cummings remains an obscure poet to me

okko no thanks


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One Response to “No, thanks”

  1. eugeniofouz Says:

    Can you see the cup, the green cup, on the top left side of the backcover?

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