The importance of reading in earnest

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I was talking to my students about the relevance of reading books in English language when one of them interrupted to tell us something he experienced days ago. He was travelling to Barcelona by train. Before leaving home he prepared his luggage, obviously, and he took “The Scarlet Letter” (Hawthorne) with him. Once in the train he started reading the novel when a guy sitting close to Lionel – this is my student´s name-  showed admiration for the ability to read books in English. It was then when he found out that reading literature in its original language was a good point.

 (Lionel Corral is a student of Baccalaureate)

The Importance of Being Earnest (“a Comedy for Serious People”written by Oscar Wilde and performed on the 14th February of 1895 at the St. James´s theatre in London)

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