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Anyone can be good at English by continuously reading (newspaper articles, books, blogs), listening to podcasts, taking care of pronunciation, using more than one dictionary, watching TV series and learning words. Moreover I believe that grammar must be always reviewed. I think grammar is not an only kind of cheese but plenty of cheeses. Martinet and Swan, I want you two. 

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2 Responses to “U2”

  1. roughseasinthemed Says:

    I would say the same applies to Spanish. Not that I am good at it, I add hastily. But those are exactly my tips. Television/films for spoken, (plus I originally used subtitles), radio when you start to understand without needing to see the face. The best things to watch on TV were 1) the news, clear and succinct, 2) soaps, simple language, 3) cookery programmes. May well work the same in English. Who knows?

    Newspapers, books, and I do follow Spanish blogs. I write in Spanish on theirs, they write in English on mine.

    But one good dictionary serves. And, so do good neighbours and work colleagues. I also used tapes for learning Spanish. They were a great basis.

  2. eugeniofouz Says:

    Thanks a lot for your comment. I think we have to share lots of impressions, more often.
    I wonder about learning languages all the time, and I came to the conclusion that I must focus on grammar, words and listening. It is not a secret, but a freak feeling that I am a @BBC_podcasts supporter. From the day I was shown how to download and save podcasts I have been a crazy follower. I think my English improved as well.
    Best regards, Roughseainthemed

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