How to convert videos into MP3 audio files

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my red Philips radio & MP3 player

my red Philips radio & MP3 player

A student of mine (thanks, José F.) taught me how to convert videos from YouTube into MP3 audio files. I would like to share the easy way to do with anyone reading my blog.

Years ago we used to listen to music through CDs or cassettes of audio, but nowadays people have MP3 players and share music and songs via the internet. Well, the fact is that one can type YOUTUBE videos and search for a singer or a band of music and type their name on that page. Once the image of the artist has appeared on screen, just copy the URL address from the top and paste it into this converter :

There will be a rectangular box where you should enter video URL. Message read: ENTER VIDEO URL

Seconds later if everything goes right you will find a blue link saying:

Click here to get your download link

Shortly afterwards, a push button box appears


There you are the MP3 audio file in your computer.

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