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Some ideas to get your students involved in class.


1/ write one sentence on the blackboard

[One student starts a dialogue with this sentence. A second student must follow the dialogue spontaneously. –Someone in the class plays the role of secretary and takes notes of everything these students say]


2/ show students a photograph or a cartoon and ask them to jot down some notes on their notebooks describing it


3/ a couple of students copy several revision exercises on the board

[The blackboard is divided in 2 parts to go faster. Exercises must be of the kind “fill in the missing information”, basics, meanings, transformation of verbal tenses in sentences, write these numbers, put the nouns in plural, look for the opposite forms, etcetera]


4/ ask everyone to draw anything in their notebooks : a mug of tea, an umbrella or whatever you suggest [Have a look at the best ones and show the best to the class making clear which is which]


5/ provide hand outs with the lyrics of songs unfinished (fill in the blanks activity) and play the song on the CD player twice or three times until they get the blanks filled. Then, get a Spanish translation of the song


6/ ask students to write short notes of around 50 words about any current topic such as Twitter, London Olympic Games 2012, etcetera ; or even simpler and easier, what are you doing this evening? do you have much homework to do?are you for mobile phones?


7/ do short dictations


8/ ask your students to copy English paragraphs and, using a bilingual dictionary, to do a Spanish translation


9/ read texts aloud about the English culture and traditions


10/ ask students to send you lots of stuff for the English language “moodle” tool



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