PAU test sheet

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PAU test sheet

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1. Read the text and all the questions once. Then, have a look at the text again and underline some sentences or words of relevance. Reread the text as many times as you need (Using a dictionary that day is a good idea)

2. The tests or exams are always centered on a text. Most questions are concerned with vocabulary and grammar. The student should have acquired knowledge of some grammar points and lots of vocabulary. If the student is keen on reading and likes looking for words and meanings in dictionaries, much better.

3. It is important to have a good grammar basis on certain points such as verbal tenses, structures and formulas. In grammar, there are several aspects to take into account: passive voice, reported speech or indirect speech, modal verbs, relative clauses and conditional sentences. Also, formulas of the kind “I wish you were here” or “Susan´s mother had her hair cut yesterday morning” are of great relevance.

4. In Bachillerato2 the student has to cope with lots of words-vocabulary-, linking words(“although”, “however”, “on the other hand”, “that is”, “such as”), phrasal verbs(“put up with”, “look for”, “get on well with”) , idiomatic expressions (“be fed up with”, “it´s none of your business”, “out of the blue”) and some others. There are some main structures, formulas and vocabulary expressions to learn, as well as the use of false friends if one expects to be good at English language.

5. It is also important to practise writing essays, short ones of about 30 or 40 words and be fluent at writing. A good reader can be a good writer.

6. TESTS: there will be tests very often that might be marked with some numbers and which will affect the general mark of the term. These tests may be on reading, translation, dictation or PAU. It is possible that you take one test only or more than one test. Some tests will be SURPRISE TESTS on your “PAU test or reading day”. Every test counts.

Eugenio Fouz


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