Reminder: reading and writing

by eugeniofouz

Do you like reading?

Read in Spanish, get used to reading newspapers, notes and short stories. Try to read a novel or two one day. Next weekend try to have a look at any of those little books at home. You should read Richard Bach´s Juan Salvador Gaviota

Do you like reading in Spanish?

or maybe you might enjoy reading Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ´s El principito. Who knows? Reading a short novel Cachito (Un Asunto de Honor) written by Arturo Pérez Reverte might be a good start.

Why don´t you try to read a novel today? 

When you read a book it is indispensable to have a Spanish dictionary open and ready. Dictionaries show meanings of words, set phrases, double meanings, spelling, etcetera.

And how about reading texts and books in English language? What about taking notes in blocs?

Doing nothing in class is negative behaviour

Get a bloc to make your own lists of English words and their meanings. Read words in loud voice.  Repeat them. Revise “basics”(numbers, possessive adjectives, etc) just by copying them once, twice and three times.

You should take notes in class. Pay attention to teachers. Always copy the homework. Don´t forget that homework is something essential for good students. Don´t do exercises in the textbook; use a notebook instead.

Use dictionaries and learn vocabulary. Search for idioms, linkers and verbs calmly. The first meaning you find in a dictionary doesn´t have to be the appropriate meaning. Work with words in context.

Listen to podcasts

Watch English or American TV series in V.O with subtitles in Spanish

Listen to any English radio programme you can

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