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 (twitter: @elbaronrojo)

I was reading tweets on Twitter the other day when out of the blue I came across this retweet made by Alfonso Alcántara (@Yoriento)  which reminded us, the twitteraddicts, about our addiction. [A. Alcántara says “yo el twitter lo dejo cuando quiera” /” I  quit twitter whenever I want“, ironical]

The message had been sent by @elbaronrojo. More or less the message says this “ Darling, I know you are on twitter now as usual, but remember you have to take out the dog for a pee” And the funny thing is that the man-a married man- addicted as he is takes the dog unappropriately through the window for a pee not to miss a second of twitter)

Dedicated to humour, irony and both @elbaronrojo and @Yoriento. (I can´t see why a twitter guru decides to follow this humble blogger. Thanks! My pleasure!)

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