My fairy queen

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 (Su Majestad la Reina Doña Sofía, Amman 2004)

Is it a fake objective trying to be fair? Is it madness to search for a fairy queen in evaluation?

One believes that some things must change in our educational system. In British society, for example,  studies are a principal issue. It is well known the strictness and discipline in British schools.

To begin with, schools are made of teachers, students and subject matters. Material, buildings, motivation, and also facilities, books, certain associations, parents, and many more elements contribute to the school work and its results.

Teachers teach and students learn. This is obvious, isn´t it? Nowadays, however some people may think that teachers are not interested in learning or what´s more some people might have the strange idea that students are cleverer than teachers. It could happen. Very rarely. But it shouldn´t happen. It is unacceptable in a school that one teacher doesn´t teach to his students.  It is also a universal statement that says this “teachers learn everyday”. To teach something to somebody one must learn that something and something else previously. Also there is a need for teaching itself. One teacher knows how to teach things.  The teacher is an  everyday student.

Nobody is perfect; arrogant teachers can´t exist and likewise know-all students don´t make sense either. Teachers read, listen, watch and learn. Teachers are curious human beings and make mistakes. These individuals want to improve teaching and to do so, teachers study every day about their subjects and they keep an eye to pedagogy as well. Teachers learn from their students too.

Teachers must learn what is relevant for students. Teachers fancy books and like being at school. The teacher is not the enemy. The teacher is not your friend either.

Students learn and study and practise in and out of the school. Students respect other students and teachers and the task they do. They are responsible people. They understand what they are here for. The good student doesn´t require motivation. (Although it is logical to think that attractive teaching makes classes more interesting)

The subjects taught at school are the core, the way and the target. English language and culture make sense for a class of English language. Teachers are good at this and students are in the process of being good at it through study and practice. (But again, teachers are in process of being good at it too)

Most of interesting communicative activities in teaching have to do with English language classes, namely, international exchanges of students via immersion  into families, ePals projects, making newspapers, collaborating blogs or photoblogs, moodle works, etcetera. Reading novels (graded readers is a great point), recording podcasts and any new project would help as well.

And to check the effectivity of the teaching/learning process a good, objective evaluation is required. One has to evaluate the highest number of items focused on knowledge and skill with language in the first place and some others (culture, history, etcetera)

Could it be a stupid wish to demand a fair evaluation? Wouldn´t it be a righteous thing to have an external jury to decide on this? Inspection must take a responsibility on evaluation. Teachers and students have to work hard to achieve a percentage set up by Inspection.

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