Reminder 2011.1

Three things to be good at English:

I can´t promise you a pass for English, but English won´t be a problem for you if you follow these three pieces of advice:

  1. Use dictionaries. You need words to communicate well. Believe me, words are useful. A dictionary of English for a student of English language is as important as a calculator for a student of maths.
  2. Get a notebook for English language only (write vocabulary, solutions to exercises, translations, questions, etcetera)
  3. Speak English in class. Good speakers practise a lot of talking.

Don´t be lazy in the classroom: show you are interested in the subject and take notes and copy the information from the board.

Moreover you can listen to some audios, CDs, songs or podcasts from the BBC. Downloading podcasts is one of the best ways to improve your pronunciation.

Today there are TV series, films and documentaries in Original Version with or without subtitles. Practise English by watching these programmes.

Vaughan radio programme is in FM radio at 97,1 MHz for 24 hours. There are several sessions on different levels of language. Choose your favourite session to learn English.

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