Wondering about PAU tests

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 I think that teachers and people involved in Education have the choice to demand strict exams and the best of evaluation for the sake of doing things right. Of course, it would be expected an oral interview with every student to check  fluency, vocabulary and improvisation. Wouldn´t it be interesting the way a candidate acts in a roleplay situation?

Sometimes the basic issues are taken for granted. Basics must always be tested. Any student should know to tell the time, start a conversation or say hello and yes, please or you´re welcome. Everyone studying Baccalaureate is able to describe a friend, make an appointment or talk about his plans for the weekend. Also, a good student must be able to write and say numbers in an appropriate way. He should read acceptably well too.

Any candidate for a pass in PAU examination must write essays and write a variety of texts such as letters or short opinions clearly and coherently. A good student is polite and shows curiosity about society and the entire world. It is not a crazy belief to think of students as newspaper readers.

Dictionaries are companions to average students as well as grammar books,  history books and any kind of books. Students are curious about health, geography or the spelling of new words.-

A bad student never uses a dictionary and is not interested in lexis.

You know the bad student because of his laziness to borrow books from the library or to buy a book, a novel or read any story. The bad student hardly ever takes notes in the classroom.

The tests must test knowledge and skills and not only written skills but oral skills too. The results of a PAU test should not be considered as an aim to reach.

It is the process of fair teaching and good learning what matters.

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