Ideas and suggestions for PAU tests

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(Fotografía: Lluvia en Málaga, Marzo 2011. – LAVERDAD- Agencia EFE)

1. don´t get obsessed with the test and consider it just what it is, a simple test which counts a percentage of your final mark. Of course everyone here wants you to get the highest of it. Take into account what you learn, the words you use in class and in everyday situations. you know, the PAU test is based on a text. The text is the core of the exam. If you understand the text then you will be able to do a good job. For the understanding of the text you should have learnt certain grammatical structures (reported speech, conditional sentences, relative clauses, passive voice) and vocabulary (mainly phrasal verbs, expressions, idioms, abbreviations, words, linking words, etc).

3.use dictionaries (don´t get the wrong idea of not using a dictionary to get used to doing the test. If you had started years ago, imagine how many words you wouldn´t have known today) be good at English language you must get into the habit of reading very often and writing and taking notes. Listening to real English language via radio,podcasts, telephone, the internet, TV, stays in the UK or any other acceptable way. interested in English culture: the History of England, Literature, Politics, Society, et cetera.

6.getting good results in exams is just a consequence of having studied and practised a lot of English language through texts, dialogues, dictations, readings, audios, and so on. In Baccalaureate 2 you will learn and practise plenty of these things.

7.there are some Graded Readers suggested this year which are not obligatory part of the syllabus, but an optional activity. I strongly recommend you to read these books and some others with the help of a dictionary. our Community there is an enormous web page for teachers and students that provides all of us with many texts PAU like via a web called “the Educarm Times”. A good idea is to download these and try to translate into Spanish as a starter. are supposed to be a responsible, educated citizen in future days with your own criteria on politics and social life and therefore a certain interest on mass media (TV, radio, internet, press) is expected from you. In fact, the texts for PAU exams are based mainly on newspapers and TV newsreels.

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