The piano

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My name is Jane. I am an American girl. I live in a small town in California.

I was born in July 23rd, 1984. Now I am sixteen years old.

Today is Monday. I am walking alone. I am thinking.

I have a problem at home: I am not a good student. My father and my mother are not happy with my qualifications at school. I am not happy either.

I want to play a musical instrument, but I don´t like studying or taking notes.

I have a dream. I would love playing the piano well.

I am not good at playing the piano. I know the piano is difficult.

The flute seems easier than the piano.

My best friend is James and he is always saying things like “you must attend classes and pay attention to teachers”. “Teachers can teach you lots of things”.

(Can you play the piano without making an effort?)

“It is possible for you to learn how to play any musical instrument such as the flute, the piano, the sax, the guitar, the drums, the trumpet, the cello, etcetera- if you work, of course”

“First of all, you have to get or buy a piano. No piano, no classes. Okay? Do you understand this?”

“You have got a piano. Now you can play with the piano and make sounds but no music. You can´t play the piano now, but (maybe) you will play the piano later.”

“Be silent in class and listen to the teacher. Try to learn as much as possible. Think about the piano very often.” “Do some practice at  home!”


[Where you read “piano” read now “English]

(Extract from E F Haphazard. My life as a piano player. Pergamon Fake Press. Princeton, US.-1947)

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