Reminder 15/11 exams

When taking an examination keep in mind these pieces of advice:
Write your name and surname clearly on top of paper
Do not copy exact words from texts in Reading Comprehensions
Get your material ready (more than one pen)
Read every question twice in order to make sure that you understand
Remember those typical mistakes in English language and avoid making them:
**People is, he do not like chocolate, the men are happy, she dasen´t, Fiona musn´t smoke in here, I am not agree, bads people, the more bad, etcetera**
(these expressions are completely wrong!)
If you are asked to match two lists of words(synonyms, for example) never use arrows. Use numbers and letters instead.
e.g: and c.pencil and a.cook

Typex is not a good idea
Try to be clear in your handwriting
Revise the whole examination to check possible mistakes


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