Notepad 19/10/2010.-Tuesday

consult Onelook / Farlex / Wordreference English dictionaries

use modern music to keep students interested in the usefulness of English

have small conversations about current topics: TV, press, etcetera

be free with the use of the textbook and don´t feel the necessity of doing
all exercises. Try to insert some new activities instead.

suggest my students to use a notebook to copy words and meanings, formulas, homework, essays, or whatever.

one idea I have just had is that of providing students with a text from PAU
and -with the help of any dictionary of theirs- translate most of the text.

After one or two weeks, suggest this text and test for examination dividing
questions into 2 different groups. Doing so, we have the chance to practise with plenty of texts and taking exams in a relaxed way.
E.g: first week: one day for translation
second week: one day for exercises 1/2a/3/5 and 1/2b/4/6
one folio attached as a cover to write name, class group, date and their answers.

grammar and exercises, basics, vocabulary lists,listening audios, homework
-workbook, Parallel Papers-

correction (workbook/book exercises/SMS, etc), listening audios, readings

translation/PAU tests, mock exams, oral work, book


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