Eight formulas

One of the things I like from Dr. House is his intuition at work and the way he is always alone. Of course this doctor should not be the best example to follow in a hospital or a school. He seems to be exaggeratedly freewheeling to do or say whatever he feels like doing or saying.

Well, on the other hand, these are Eight Formulas


Not to pass exams or in other words, how to be a bad student

1. do not attend classes (classes are always a bore)

2. forget your material from time to time (do not carry books, dictionaries or notebooks. Most times they are so useless and heavy!)

3. do not be punctual. Try to enter the classroom at least 10 or 15 minutes late, so everyone might admire your new pullover and there will be only 45 minutes left to finish the period

4. whenever you think you have the chance interrupt your class asking anything to your classmate and don´t worry about the fact that someone is reading or the teacher is saying something. The class can wait for you to decide to stop talking, and anyway, the teacher is to repeat what he was saying only for you.

5. never do the homework. It is a stupid thing to make you work

6. do not ask questions in class. The teacher and your classmates could think you are not intelligent. (“Everybody usually understands everything at once!”)

7. do not revise your notes before the lesson finishes. It might be dangerous. It is a better idea to stress yourself the night before the examinations and keep worried and in bad mood the whole week

8. try to consider teachers and school as something you do not like


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