It is a curious thing but that is a fact

(Fotografía: Vicente Vicéns. LAVERDAD, 12.06.2010)

You know, when you ask a student to do something in a very specific way-i.e, you are asking in a graded reader test for short answers-then most of them will write a lot more than expected. We were reading together a good story and some students showed the teacher in the written test that they had read the book in detail. Let me show an example: one question was “Do you think Anne-Anne of Green Gables- was a quiet girl?. Say why or why not, in a few words.”

The good readers replied “No, she wasn´t. She talked a lot because she was very happy in her new family. She was a good girl for the Cuthberts”. They loved the reading activity. Students were from 4 ESO -Year 11-. They were around 15/16 year olds.

Another question dealt is translation. The students had to translate a short extract from the book printed in the test. The most worrying thing is the blank spaces they left because those meant that the task has not been completed. And that counts negatively. Another problem with translation is the every-word-translators who translate every little word in the text making the understanding of their work a dull activity. To finish, some of these students insert French words and that is definitely terrible.

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2 Responses to “It is a curious thing but that is a fact”

  1. Lara Says:

    Oh my godness: French! It happened to me sometimes, but only when I’m speaking. You know, suddenly you’re saying ‘merçi’ instead of ‘thank you’

  2. Eugenio Fouz Says:

    I see, Lara. Understand that it is a problem for teachers (and a bigger one for students, of course) the mixture of foreign languages.
    Good luck in your exams coming soon. (In just a few hours!)

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