Our International Exchanges IF with Halifax, UK


The link above was edited on the internet around the beginning of June of 2006 after our report on the Exchange IF between our 2 schools. Editors: the British Council and the Global Gateway.

Centro de estudios CEI, Murcia (SPAIN)

Spanish students on an exchange visit to the UK

Eugenio Fouz Hernández, a teacher at Centro de Estudios CEI in Murcia, Spain, tells us about a successful school partnership formed through the Global Gateway.

Type of project

Exchange visit.

Partner Schools

Centro de Estudios CEI, Murcia, Spain

The Crossley Heath School, Halifax, UK

“Our school is an independent laic school situated near the river Segura, in Murcia. Murcia is in the South East of Spain near Alicante. We have around  800 students, and we have classes in the morning and in the afternoon / evening. We teach to children from 3 years old to young boys and girls aged 18. We teach mainly English language, although there is also French language. We initiated an activity through the Global Gateway 2005 /2006.

Last year, after more than one year searching for international exchanges with a school in the United Kingdom, we found  (with the help and support of the Global Gateway) a school in the area of Yorkshire. We started emailing to a teacher of Spanish there and the relationship was a good one.


After lots of emails, and also messenger chats, the English teacher and myself agreed some basic points:

* dates to travel from Spain to the UK and vice versa

* duration of the exchange (one week in both cases)

We also agreed our main objectives:

* provide an opportunity for our students to learn and practise English language

* provide an opportunity for the UK students to learn and practise Spanish

* provide the experience of living in an English family and Spanish family

* learn from the experience of living in a foreign culture.

Likes and Dislikes

This kind of international exchange is really interesting and easy to carry out. The hardest point is matching students with similar characteristics and likes. To cope with this, we prepared a kind of ‘Like and dislike + family and house habit information card’. We faxed this to the English school and got their matches a week later.

Classes and trips

The Spanish students attended classes in the UK school and the English teachers and students received classes exclusively prepared for them in Murcia.

During our time in the UK, we visited York, Manchester and a coalmine. The English students visited beaches in La Manga del Mar Menor (Murcia), Lorca (historical village in Murcia) and Terra Mítica a theme park in Benidorm (Alicante).


Most of the students who were involved in the International Exchange keep on emailing their English partners. Some of them are making true friends.

I must admit that some students surprised me with the results in the English examinations by June. The international exchange meant something really good and positive to them.

Our Head Teacher got involved in the project as well. Mr. Amador López Meseguer greeted the English students one by one. At the end of the week, our Head Teacher made a speech to them and wished them good luck.


The impact on the school was tremendous, every student here knew about it, and when the English partners were about to come, the Spanish students were excited and all the time asking the same thing” “When are they coming? “When are they coming?”

A bigger number of students want to take part in our next international exchange.”


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