An excellent manual written by G. A. Davis

(The Simpsons by Matt Groening)

Not much time ago I read a book on pedagogy. The author´s surname is Davis and its title Escuelas eficaces y profesores eficientes. It was a manual of how to teach. Reading books like these and copying some ideas is a way to improve one´s teaching style.

Some of the quotes were:

The first rule is having rules, before starting the class demand 100% of the students´s attention, be clear when giving instructions, never shout, be constant with discipline, be kind, make all class participate.

I know that I had copied up to twenty statements.

Also I wrote some others. Now, I cannot tell if the following belong to the manual written by G. A. Davies or to my own pen:

The good lesson is made up of : a little reading, much of writing, oral work, listening and teaching some theory. Pupils shall read aloud in class, do lots of exercises and make lists of words, work with functional language, work with choral phrases, listening to real English from the radio or music and learning about British culture, notions, grammar, etcetera. Pay attention to basics-i.e, days of the week, numbers, possessive pronouns, etcetera- and revision of grammar or lists of words, idioms, phrasal verbs, or whatever.

Later on I noticed some relevant points, such as the making of an appealing blackboard with examples, drawings, organized homework, even secret sentences to guess and finish. Moreover the principle of speaking English only and walking around the classroom to check that everyone is doing  something. Testing the students´work and their use of English language in class counts a lot as well.

Finally, it should be a good point to make dictionary use a habit as well as the writing of tasks, words and homework in a notebook.


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