Typical Spanish ñ

(This picture taken in Murcia by somebody from “instituto hispánico” was suggested by the boss Felipe Espada to me as a good one to show in this blog. Guess who is who. From left to right, spitting images of: Mr. Bean, Amy Winehouse, and who else?)

Well, well, maybe if we are lucky in a couple of weeks we will meet some foreigners coming from the United Kingdom. Maybe if we are lucky we can make friends in Spain with some guys from “institutohispánico de murcia” and start the engine of a series of dynamic experiences with similar interests: learn and practise communication in all senses.

By means of a colleague, Rafael Rocamora-maybe you don´t even know how much I owe to you for the idea of this project-, I had conversations with the boss of the “ih” in Murcia and I have the feeling that something good is coming.

The Spanish language sounds great at the instituto hispánico when you see the horns of the bull over the orphan n, which consequently becomes a real ñ with the help of the typical national traditional brand.

Nice to meet you, Felipe!


2 Responses to “Typical Spanish ñ”

  1. Felipe Says:

    Thank YOU, Sir. Congratulations for your blog and keep up your good work!

  2. Rafa Says:

    I’m really pleased both of you can benefit from such a little effort on my part!

    Lots of luck, and, by the way, I really like your blog!


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