Memo 109.1

Some papers should be handed out separately, e.g: Hoja Del Alumno, Dictionary Day, Reminders, etcetera.

There is another free folio task which would consist of a folio with a sample of exercises for students to do independently in class and at home, as  revision work. The idea came from a colleague-Enrique L.-

Nevertheless, I come to think that a selection of revision exercises handed out to every student would be fine as work to be done and corrected in class as well. To put it into a nutshell, there are two options with the extra exercise folios: a/ hand out as free task for everyone, b/ hand out to do and correct in class. This latter option should imply the marking of the exercises.

At the same time, mock exams or surprise exams will play an important part in marking those students who do not take exams on time. What´s more, these tests out of the blue are a good point for revision and consolidation. These exams should be marked as well.

Parallel Papers, including lists of verbs, grammar points, press cuttings, pieces of advice, suggestions for the student, functional language, or DO NOT WRITE HERE exercise pages will be edited every term.

Every month a new pack of REPs for Failed Last Year subject will be proposed as voluntary task. These packs will be edited up to March or May.

Every month a new pack of The Copycat Fly will be edited, for the whole year.

I have considered the idea of recommending drama books to read or recite aloud in class and pay attention to communicative language. Dialogues are the key part in any language if we want to communicate. Think about Harold Pinter, Tom Stoppard or whoever.


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