Young journalists from ceceii isok in LAVERDAD


This is the first edition of a new project for schools. It has to do with journalism, so I got immediately  involved.

We were the first school team registered in” Primera Edición de miperiódico digital” a project of elaboration of a weekly digital newspaper supported by LA VERDAD GRUPO MULTIMEDIA and Consejería de Educación, Formación y Empleo from the Community of Murcia.

To tell the truth, the work is really easy to do and what´s more it is fascinating: going out to the town and ask people about anything, consulting the internet, making use of Wikipedia and reading lots of printed press such as 2ominutos, LAVERDAD, Público, ABC or ELPAÍS, that is, any kind of newspaper or digital press that could be useful to get ideas and to exploit the topic weekly proposed by the Council of Education of our Community and the newspaper LAVERDAD. Here the work of the coordinator, Fernando Castillo, is really helpful by keeping all tutors informed of any changes in mind as well as replying to any doubt we might have.

Thank to this experience the students work with the internet, learn and practise good writing, get worried about orthography and the relevance of school in life, in society.

The question who worried all teachers of  how to get their students motivated to get information or to make them read a lot has a reply here. This is the first edition and we think that it is a complete success. From a starting point for the first two weeks of 7 teams , the competition achieved a number of 336 teams in the Community of Murcia.

Our school presents 2 teams this year: “ceceii isok ” and “Dossier“. This latter is being coordinated by José Luis Rodriguez, teacher of Music at CEI and the first team is being coordinated by myself.

Our team-ceceii isok-has received the visit of canal6 television from LVGM and we had the chance to see the relevance of this work. (The cameramen Paco and Juan David can be seen on the document below, as well as Silvia, the journalist)

The young journalists at ceceii isok are Mariola Hernández, Marina López, Sara Pina and María Dolores Cánovas. This document below is the page of the newspaper in which we write about canal6 visit to our school.

noticia ceceiiisok


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