Reminder 109.1


Attitude in the classroom

1*Try to be ready in the classroom (not with the urgent necessity to go

to the toilet or just waiting at the door)

2*When in class, sit down still and listen and pay attention to teachers


3*Take notes of the writings on the blackboard

4*Bring a couple of sheets of paper DINA4 every day just in case you are asked to hand in any task: dictation, essay, exercises, translation, etcetera

5*Get your books and pencils on the table

6*Be silent if someone is speaking, e.g. the teacher

7*Use your dictionary in class

8*Take care with furniture (desks, walls, chairs) . Be good and don´t spoil the classroom with your bad scribble

9*Try to improve your pronunciation by repetition of phrases in class and by choral  voices when suggested by the teacher

10*It is not a good idea to get books borrowed from a student with all the answers written on it, and what´s more, it is unfair

11*Every student must do one page of the workbook for each period(hour) of a lesson in English classes

12*Speak English during the English classes

13*What you do in class is part of what your duty (40%)

At home

1*Doing the homework, studying, revising and reading is something indispensable in a student (60%)

2*Watching the news, reading newspapers and learning from books or elsewhere are part of society and the world

In school

1*Eating inside the classroom or chewing chewing gum is not allowed

2*Smoking cigarettes or any other kind of smoke thing must not be done in school

3*Mobile phones and MP3 or any gadget not related to school activity is forbidden

4*Be respectful to everyone in school and out this school as well

5*What you learn depends on teachers but also on you. (Interesting thought, isn´t it?)

Tests and procedures

1*Do not cheat in your exams (the mark you get for a test is the mark you deserve)

2*Do not copy the answers from your classmates (be honest)

3*Using typex in your exams is not a good idea

4*Revise your test before you hand in to the teacher. Check that you have put your name and last name, date and class group. Look for typical mistakes and correct them. See if all papers have got a number.


1*Try to read clearly and in loud voice

2*Get your copies from the photocopier (“Parallel Papers” are packs of photocopies for every term of the year)

3*Every month (from October to May(from 1st to 6th) there will be copies in the photocopier. Some of the copies are optional: “REPS” for students with a negative mark on last year subject and also “The copycat fly” for beginners or students who need a strong basis on vocabulary and easy exercises.

4*Learn functional language and use it : “please”,”could you repeat that?”,” Is this right, teacher?”

5*Join in some extra activities in our school: visit our web page

and have a look at general information, news, and Plataforma Educativa.

There is a username and password for every student to log in.

6*Get your graded readers at the bookshop. There are 2 graded readers to be read in the 2nd and 3rd term. You will need a good dictionary as well.

7*Try to write to penpals from the UK or any country where English is the mother tongue

8*Get involved in our International Exchange activity with an English school. (recommended for students at 3 ESO or 4 ESO)

9*We participate on the making of 2 newspapers: El país de los estudiantes (with ELPAIS)  and Miperiódicodigital (with LAVERDAD)

El profesor,




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