Phrasal verbs, a selection (I)


Sorry, kid! But you know you should learn these phrasals by heart!!


Phrasal Prepositional verbs:

Come up with-sugerir/conseguir

Cut down on-reducire

Do away with-eliminar/abolir

Dop out of-retirarse

Get along with-llevarse bien con alguien/marcharse con alguieen

Get away with-hacer impunemente

Get on well with-llevarse bien con alguien

Keep away from-mantenerse alejado de algo

Look down on-mirar con desprecio

Look forward to-esperar con ilusión

Look up to-admirar

Miss out on-omitir

Put up with-tolerar

Run out of-quedarse sin

Run away from-huir de algo

Stand up for-defender

Walk out on-abandonar


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